Company Jump is a comedic musical theatre show that highlights the life and music of the most famous all female trio in history. Perfect for a variety of audiences including corporate events, cruise ships, soft seat venues and festivals.

The Andrews Sisters kept allied forces entertained throughout WWII. Even today, the music and its upbeat, hopeful air serves not only as a nostalgic reminder of so-called simpler times, but serves also as a poignant hallmark where world events find us again pining for more peaceful days.

The show features three professional singers (Nadine Tremblay, Andrea Isaak and Marie West) playing the Andrews Sisters, plenty of audience interaction, 1940’s style costumes, humour, dancing, and big band music. These gals have been singing together for over five years and performing Company Jump for almost three years now.

Audience members are encouraged to be as raucous as G.I’s serving overseas during World War II would have been!

Company Jump was written and produced by Rossland resident Nadine Tremblay.
The show delivers a performance that can give older audience members a sense
of nostalgia that doesn’t weigh too heavily on the war, but that accurately repre-
sents the era and its style of entertainment. With all the hits from the top sel-
ling girl group in showbiz history, there is sure to be a song or too that folks will
recognize. A complete delight for audiences of all ages.

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